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SR&R Environmental, Inc.

Jim Shannon

4920 Highway 421 N
P.O. Box 221
Wilmington, NC 28402-
Phone Number (910) 777-9446
Email 04f74570-32ee-4945-85ba-e3ea55bcdc1e
Internet http://www.srrenviro.com/
Company Description

Concise Company Description:

SR&R Environmental, Inc. is a third- generation family-owned operation providing environmental and heavy-duty industrial cleaning services for clients throughout the Southeast. In addition to typical facility Maintenance / Safety service requirements, the Company maintains a 24/7/365 emergency response system for urgent needs such as spill cleanups.

Company Capabilities:

Environmental and Heavy-Duty Industrial Cleaning services including: remediation; hazardous waste management, transportation, and disposal; dewatering; tank cleaning; tank removal; contaminated material excavation, transportation and disposal; contaminated water removal, transportation, treatment and disposal; hydro-blasting services; vacuum truck services; combo- truck (a.k.a., sewer-jet) services; tanker services; company owned and operated centralized wastewater treatment system in Wilmington; lab pack services; haz and non-haz material management services; above ground storage tank (AST) cleaning/or removal; underground storage tank (UST) cleaning and/or removal; confined space entry tasks; confined space rescue service; emergency spill response; emergency spill clean-up; concrete and asphalt cleaning; marine transfer facility; OSRO services; onboard ship tank cleaning and maintenance; blige cleaning; pipeline cleaning; retention pond restoration and maintenance. NAICS codes 562910, 562211, 541620, 562112, 562998.

No Section :: Automotive Products :: Oil / Water / Grease Separators
No Section :: Fuel Products / Equipment :: Tank Sales - Oil / Water Separators
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: AST / UST Cleaning
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Cleaning
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Concrete and Asphalt Cleaning
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Confined Space Entry Services
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Hydro-Excavation
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Oil / Water Separator Cleaning & Maintenance
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Sand Filter Maintenance
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Waste Management
No Section :: Maintenance / Safety :: Waste Oil Collection / Recycling
No Section :: Storage Tanks :: Emergency Response / Spill Cleanup Service / Products
No Section :: Storage Tanks :: UST Removals / Abandonment-In-Place (Commercial & Residential)
No Section :: Storage Tanks :: Water Removal from Tanks
No Section :: Store Operations :: Groundwater Remediation
No Section :: Store Operations :: Hazardous Waste Disposal
No Section :: Store Operations :: Soil Remediation
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