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Clark Environmental Services

R Paul Clark P.G.,
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Company Description


Our Scientific Approach

The Clark Group was founded in 1991 under the name Clark Environmental Services, P.C. The firm's primary objectives are to assist business and industry in facilitating solutions to regulatory problems involving the release of chemicals and other regulated substances into the environment. For over 25 years, we have successfully provided solutions predicated on the utilization of sound scientific principles. Our mission is to produce technical conclusions which will minimize exposure to redundant regulation and to use reformatory and science-based provisions in environmental law to the maximum extent practicable. Together these two practices result in the most effective and cost-beneficial management to achieve regulatory compliance. We recognize, within the universe of sites, there are vast complexities which require integrated solutions at varying degrees. The appropriate characterization and evaluation of the dynamics at a contaminated site is the key to achieving maximum protection from regulatory and third-party exposure, at the minimum necessary expense.

The Clark Group's philosophy of solution-fitting begins with the collection of all relevant factual information to develop a complete, multi-dimensional and scientifically defensible understanding of each problem. Therefore, each site should be evaluated based on site-specific characteristics determined initially through a conceptual model and tailored as data is obtained to insure that only the work which is integral to the goal is performed. The appropriate comprehensive analyses require a highly specialized skillset and record of experience. Our experience includes thousands of sites over eight southeastern states in all geological settings. Our methodology is based solely on the scientific method which has been tested and proven effective for centuries.  

Managing Objectives and Expectations

The implementation of remediation is like the execution of a business plan which has planned, managed, and measurable objectives. Regardless of regulatory policy, in the interest of sound financial management, the cause of aggressive remediation should not recklessly squander the sustainability of business. It should never be a regulatory objective, or consequence of compliance, to place the viability of a business at risk. Likewise, business and industry should consciously practice excellent housekeeping as a proactive measure to protect its interests.

The most significant consequences caused by environmental contamination are most effectively managed by obtaining a complete understanding of the geometry of a plume, the hydrogeological forces which drive the engine of transport, and the natural forces which are already performing mitigation. Most often, that information alone provides enough verification to successfully argue a passive approach to remediation which may include managing human and environmental risk by enlisting institutional restrictions and sometimes engineering controls. Oftentimes, this is effectively promoted through the use of Brownfields Programs.  So long as land usage over the affected area is managed and memorialized, it is possible to completely alleviate these most difficult business problems in a most successful way.


Professional, Ancillary and Technical Services


In the course of our business, we have developed the skills and human resources to effectively manage the diversity of overlapping regulatory scenarios, and have become experts in obtaining development entitlements. As such, we have evolved to either directly perform or to partner with specialized firms in areas ranging from CWA Section 401 or 404 wetlands, stormwater management, sedimentation/erosion control, mining, endangered species, land application, air emissions, habitat evaluations, CAMA Permitting, specialized emergency response, wastewater plant design, construction and operation, remedial system design permitting, construction and operation, and professional land surveying. A comprehensive list of professional and technical services follows below:

In-House Professional Specialties

  • Comprehensive CERCLA, RCRA, and Oil Pollution Assessments, Feasibility Analyses, Risk-Based Solution Deployments
  • Inclusive UST Program Services
  • Aquifer Testing and Resource Evaluation
  • Reclaimed Wastewater Disposal Design
  • AAI Investigations, including Phase II and III expansions
  • Session Law 2011-186 (House Bill 45) Solutions
  • REC Program Services (if necessary)
  • Facility Response and SPCC Plans
  • Air Emissions Permitting/ Inventories
  • NEPA and SEPA Studies
  • Section 401 and 404 Wetlands Regulatory Services
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Hydrogeological Modeling and Analyses

In-House Subset Professional Specialties

  • Local Environmental Impact Studies
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Evaluations
  • Mining Permit and Reclamation Management
  • Development Entitlement Services
  • Sedimentation and Erosion Control Plans
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
  • State Financial Environmental Restoration Programs and Insurance Assistance
  • Coastal Area Management Act Studies and Permits
  • Land Application Operations
  • Forensic Environmental Surveys
  • Patented Vacuum Sparging Systems Design/ Installations

In- House Technical Operations

  • Environmental Drilling and Well Installation
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Subaqueous Vibratory Coring/Sampling
  • Remedial Construction
  • Emergency Response
  • Sampling and Monitoring
  • Environmental Well Installations
  • Geotechnical Services

Partner Company Operations

  • Civil Engineering
  • Full Professional Land Surveying Services
  • Wastewater Plant Engineering
  • Soil Science Services
  • Materials Testing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Archeological Services
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