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Your price sign is one of your most important marketing tools.

PWM® Electronic Price Signs operates in over 80 countries and is at the forefront of today's price sign industry, working with convenience store owners for over 35 years and helping you draw in more traffic with cutting-edge SMD LED technology.

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#1 Easy Hybrid exchanges the current controls with our secure cloud connection, TRACK, enabling online control via a web interface from a distance.
#2  Higher quality light output and a wider viewing angle than traditional LEDs.
#3  SMD available in all colors.
#4  Significant energy savings and longer life spans.
#5  24/7 live support and two-year parts & field labor warranty.
      A five-year warranty option is available
Take advantage of PWM's unmatched warranties and customer service.

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  • Re-Branding C-Stores

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  • Signs / Decals

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  • Signs & Lighting