North Carolina Education Lottery

Company Spotlight

Become a lottery retailer and grow your business while helping to raise billions of dollars to enhance education in North Carolina.

Here's how adding lottery can help you succeed –

  • Earn 7% Commission: 7% commission on every dollar of lottery product you sell.
  • Get Big Bonuses: Bonuses are awarded for selling winning tickets.
    • $50,000 bonus for selling a winning Powerball or Mega Millions Jackpot ticket.
    • $10,000 bonus for selling a winning scratch-off with a top prize of $1,000,000 or more.
    • Bonus for selling a top-tier winner on Cash 5, Keno, and Lucky For Life.
  • Increase Store Traffic: Enjoy more foot traffic as lottery games attract new customers and help increase profits.
    • Last year lottery retailers in NC earned over $295,000,000!
  • Receive Marketing Support: Benefit from Lottery advertising and promotional programs as well as marketing support from a dedicated Sales Representative.

To learn more, visit and click on “For Retailers” at the bottom of the homepage and become a lottery retailer today.